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Quality in MRV Systems

Build Climate Policy on reliable Data! 

All members of verico SCE can refer to decades of experiences as experts in various industries, as ghg verifiers, in quality assurance, accreditation and as trainers/coaches. This comprehensive competence enables us to offer authorities services such as the auditing of quality control measures or assistance in applying the provisions of MRV in a new carbon market or carbon tax system.

Capacity building measures, such as a “train the trainers” concept to develop local resources, support the successful implementation and acceptance of such schemes. A PDCA (plan-do-check-act) concept can be implemented from the outset allowing a higher tier of ghg reporting to be achieved at corporate, sectoral or national level and instituting continuous improvement milestones at an early stage. We know what we are talking about, when it comes to ghg emissions in energy generation, industrial operations, agriculture, forestry and the waste sector.

Make use of this expertise. Ensure that your investments in monitoring emissions, collecting and reporting data, creating and supervising verifier capacities are made in a reasonable, complete and cost-efficient manner.