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Energy Audits - EN 16247

Determine facts and save costs!

During this process the energy consumption will be analyzed, saving opportunities realized and potential alternative systems identified. The lack of an obligation for a continuous improvement is thereby an essential difference to the ISO 5001 requirements.

An energy audit in line with EN 16247-1 has the following requirements:

  • Requirements for the energy auditor (among others competence, objectivity, transparency)
  • Components of the energy audit process (among others opening-discussion, data collection)
  • Field work (among others on-site visits)
  • Analysis
  • Report
  • Concluding discussion

Part 2 to 4 of the EN 16247 contain information to the following aspects:

  • EN 16247-2: Buildings
  • EN 16247-3: Processes
  • EN 16247-4: Transport


An energy audit in line with EN 16247-1 standards can contribute to cost savings due to reduced energy demand.  A responsible resource use might furthermore be used for external communication.