Improvement of quality management and verification of the German emissions inventory

Ordered by the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA)

The final report of the study: “Development of scientific-methodological basic principles for the implementation of recommendations by international inventory reviews – Improvement of quality management and verification of the German emission inventory” (FKZ 3713 19 101) initiated by the German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) has been the final step of one of the key activities of verico SCE in the previous year .

The terms of reference of the corresponding bidding documents have been designed for eight work streams. In a first view these work streams encompass a heterogeneous set of activities. On the one hand some of the work packages targeted to supporting the UBA team in implementing the 2006 IPCC guidance, on the other hand there has been a first time ever external evaluation process of several as-pects of QA/QC activities of the UBA when preparing emission reports. The common element of all work packages is the overall objective of improving data quality, thus facilitating the continuous im-provement process as element of the quality management system behind the Germany’s national inventory reports.