UER - Water pumps energy saving through wetland treatment solution at Oman

Ordered by Gulf Organisation for Research and Development (GORD)

verico SCE performed a validation of a project plan (based on the CDM PDD format) for the project: «Water pumps energy saving through wetland treatment solution at Oman» in order to confirm com-pliance of the project design with the requirements of ISO 14064 Part 2 and the German Upstream Emission Reduction Ordinance (UERO). Following the validation this project became the first one ever being registered by the German Emission Trading Authority (DEHSt).

The project will reduce the energy (electricity) consumption of pumps used by the deep well disposal scheme of Nimr oil field in Oman. Instead of using energy to dispose water in deep geological layers the oil-contaminated will be treated by a unique wetland solution in an energy-efficient manner and may even enable the use of treated water for other useful applications (not part of the UER project). Project planning, construction and operation are provided by Bauer Resources GmbH and Bauer-Nimr LLC.