Europe-wide Verification of F-Gas Inventories

Ordered by SAMSUNG Electronics Air Conditioner Europe BV (SEACE)

As importers of pre-charged equipment (air conditioners, dryers) containing climate-relevant refrigerants, the European subsidiaries of the SAMSUNG Group are obliged to report annually thier imported quantities and stocks of F-gases according to EU Ver. 517_2014 and to participate in the F-gas quota trading.

Since 2017, Verico SCE has been verifying the declarations of conformity and all related documentation of the F-Gas reporting of the approximately 20 European SAMSUNG companies affected by the regulation. In some cases, this involves very complex inventories with tens of thousands of individual devices, which are verified with a sample-based approach covering the individual customs and shipping documents and the specific product descriptions.

After successful assessment, each individual company receives a verification document, which is submitted electronically to the competent EU authority.