Dr. Sven Kolmetz

Dr. Sven Kolmetz

Chairman of the Supervisory Board


Carbon Integrity GmbH, Germering, DE

Dr. Sven Kolmetz ,

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of verico SCE, is a physicist, managing director of its own consulting firm Carbon Integrity GmbH, and chairman of the "Project Developer Forum", a NGO listed in the UN representing the global project developers in the field of climate protection. During his professional career he gained in-depth insights and experience with various accreditation systems, such as the CDM, EU ETS or voluntary climate protection standards. He works in the German ISO committee on the further development of the various climate protection standards such as ISO14065 or the ISO14064 series. In 2004, he started his career in climate protection and MRV as an EU-ETS expert, having worked for more than 10 years as an energy consultant for industrial companies, municipalities and public authorities.