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verico - Guide to a Carbon Footprint Management System is now available

The verico Guide to a Carbon Footprint Management System (CFMS) is now available in German language. An English version is in progress.

A CFMS, that means a Carbon Footprint Management System, is a helpful element for a company on the way to climate neutrality. In the CFMS, the CO2 footprint of a company is recorded and can be successively reduced with its help.

Our service as verico SCE includes: As an independent body, we check your CO2 footprint and thus strengthen your credibility. We at verico SCE, as an accredited organization according to ISO 14065 for the verification of emission reports, have in place to review such reports and all related processes.

We have summarized our know-how to support their work in a guide for a Carbon Foot Print Management System. Even if we, as an independent body, are not allowed to be involved in the preparation of their reports, we want to make a contribution to advancing the topic of climate neutrality in your organization.

As part of the verification, we will point out any remaining weaknesses. In this way, too, we actively support you in the further quality assurance and quality enhancement of your processes.

Are you interested in the guide or have questions about the topic?

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Here are some excerpts from our guide in German language: