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As an accredited organization for the audit of greenhouse gas balances according to ISO14065, we verify the correctness and completeness of the co2 footprint information and thus increase the credibility, transparency and comparability of information. Talk to us about the extent to which your CO2 footprint can be certified or if you are at the very beginning of a project.

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On the way to becoming climate neutral, it is crucial to know the CO2 footprint of your own company, on the way to becoming climate neutral. Part of these climate protection-relevant activities in a company can be a carbon footprint management system. We have summarized our expertise in this topic in a verico guide for a carbon footprint management system, which you are welcome to obtain free of charge from us. In doing so, we build on the High-Level Structure (HLS) known from the current series of standards. This allows you to easily integrate climate management into existing processes.

The CO2 footprint is a measure of the total amount of all greenhouse gas emissions (expressed in CO2 equivalents) that arise or are caused directly or indirectly in the manufacture of your products or the provision of your services. This measure of the climate impact of all our activities has become increasingly important in recent years.

If you know your footprint, more targeted climate protection measures can be taken to achieve the desired climate goals. Verified data on their CO2 footprint are now being used by more and more consumers and business partners in their decision-making.