Climate & Energy

  • Protect the climate
  • Save energy
  • Use potentials

Climate change is the challenge of the 21st century and requires a variety of different measures, both technological and sociological. Everyone is involved, from the United Nations community to the individual consumer.

Verico SCE’s expert network includes specialists in emission accounting as well as in emission reduction potentials in all greenhouse gas-relevant sectors and activities:

  • conventional energy generation
  • renewable energy
  • the complex spectrum of industrial emissions
  • climate-damaging industrial gases
  • land, sea and air traffic
  • agriculture and forestry
  • waste and waste management

We help governments and companies to ensure the quality of their greenhouse gas emissions data and to monitor the success of their actions. We check the effectiveness and success of energy management systems. Through our certifications we attest the correctness of published data and reports.

Take advantage of our services and ensure the effectiveness of your efforts.