The cooperative model

We at verico SCE (Societas Cooperativa Europaea), a European Cooperative based in Langenbach, near Munich Airport, have a special organizational structure among all accredited organizations. We provide services completely without any own personnel, but exclusively through the contractual involvement of our cooperative members regulated in the articles of association and the rules of proceed. All our members are freelancers and small businesses and come from all over Germany as well as several EU countries.

Here is an excerpt from our articles of association:

§ 2 Nature and Objective

  1. The objective of the company is tis the support of earnings and businesses of the members by joint operations in the areas of environmental services, climate change, sus-tainability, energy and resource management.
  2. The joint operations encompass foremost the provision of testing and certification services requiring an EU-wide accepted accreditation of a joint certification body.
  3. Further the operations include the provision of independent consulting, designing and assessment services for companies, associations and authorities, which should be execute as joint activities of the cooperative.