Capacity Building MRV

“Capacity building” in the area of MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, Verification) means developing knowledge, skills, commitment, structures, systems and leadership qualities to enable effective climate protection policies and their monitoring of success.

Capacity building in the area of MRV, broadly speaking, involves the development of institutional resources, legal requirements and individual knowledge and skills needed to successfully fulfill tasks for monitoring and reducing climate-damaging greenhouse gases, to achieve results, to address problems and to find solutions and make informed decisions. The measures should in principle be based on the question “Capacity for what?” and should be based on the articulated demand of the persons concerned and the direct applicability of the course content. Capacity-building projects, especially for MRV of greenhouse gas emission, should therefore involve both policy-makers and implementing authorities, potential service providers, verification and accreditation organizations, educational institutes, trainee experts and local stakeholders.