National Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventories

Audits / Verification

The 2006 IPCC Guidelines, consider the conduct of audits and verification by independent third parties as an important element of quality assurance and quality control in the preparation of national inventory reports for reporting to the UNFCCC. An external audit proves to be a useful element of quality assurance in national reporting and should be repeated at regular intervals.

The objective of quality management audits for inventory development, in addition to reviewing compliance with the quality requirements of the IPCC 2006 Guidelines, is to identify potential for improvement and potential risks to maintaining data quality. Specific improvement potentials for all emission categories to be examined if identified, can then be integrated into the continuous improvement process.

The verification of the aggregated data of a national inventory includes plausibility checks by means of relevant indicators, comparison with corresponding characteristics of the inventories of other states, as well as cross-checks based on published data from independent sources.

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