Fluorinated greenhouse gases

Verification of reports according to the F-gas regulation

Article 19 of Regulation (EC) No 517/2014 requires that production, import, including gases in equipment, export of bulk gases, feedstock use and destruction of the substances listed in Annexes I or II in the Regulation are reported annually before 31 March, for the previous calendar year. The Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1191/2014 of 30/10/2014 determines the format and means for submitting the report. Companies must submit their reports using the electronic reporting tool provided by the European Environmental Agency (EEA), accessible from the F-gas portal on the website of the European Commission.

Who has to report?

  • Producers, importers or exporters that produced, imported or exported one metric tonne or 100 tonnes of CO2 equivalent or more fluorinated greenhouse gases and gases listed in Annex II, including companies (producers or importers) to which quotas have been transferred.
  • Undertakings that destroyed one metric tonne or 1000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent or more of fluorinated greenhouse gases and gases listed in Annex II.
  • Undertakings that used 1000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent of fluorinated greenhouse gases as feedstock.
  • Undertakings that placed 500 tonnes of CO2 equivalent of fluorinated gases or gases listed in Annex II contained in products or equipment on the market (but no obligation to report if these gases were bought on the EU market or imported as bulk (“released for free circulation”) previous to being put in the equipment).
  • Undertakings that placed on the market pre-charged refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment where hydrofluorocarbons contained in this equipment have not previously been placed on the Union market. Before 31 March 2018 and every year thereafter, the underlying declaration of conformity has to pass a verification, i.e. an independent auditor verifies the accuracy of the declaration of conformity as per IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2016/879 and confirms conformity at a reasonable level of assurance.

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