Energy Management Systems – ISO 50001


  • You realized that you may benefit from the introduction of an energy management system, due to the fact that energy presents a crucial cost factor which you would like to reduce in a systematic and continuous way?
  • Sustainability represents a crucial asset for your enterprise and you advocate a careful use of resources?
  • You want to use the legal opportunities for a reimbursement of the electricity taxes and/or subsidies for your industrial activities on a permanent basis and to put the required documentation of the adoption of energy efficiency measures on a sound and systematic basis?
  • You are subject to regulations of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and you deliberately decided to introduce an energy management system in line with DIN EN ISO 50001 requirements?
  • You are searching for a certification organization, which apprehends your complex operations and understands the technological background behind production processes as well as your supply requirements?

Then you already adopted an energy management system that could be certified in line with the ISO 50001 standards or you are on your way to establish it. Contact us now!