Upstream Emission Reductions

Validation and Verification

EU Directive 2015/652 establishing calculation methods and reporting requirements under Directive 98/70 / EC on the quality of petrol and diesel fuels creates incentives for greenhouse gas emission (GHG) emission reductions by introducing upstream emission reductions (UER) including but not limited to flaring and degassing, which may be included in the calculation of life cycle greenhouse gas emissions limited by the Directive.

“Upstream emissions” are all greenhouse gas emissions that occur before the raw material reaches a refinery or processing plant. UER from any country can be credited as greenhouse gas emissions reductions on any fuels of any supplier from any other source of raw materials. UER are valued and validated according to principles and standards contained in international standards, in particular ISO 14064, ISO 14065 and ISO 14066.

The monitoring, reporting and verification of UER and baseline emissions must be in accordance with ISO 14064. Verification of methods for estimating UER must be in accordance with ISO 14064-3 and the verifier must be accredited to ISO 14065. EU member states are responsible for transposing the directive into national law, which may include other requirements. Specifically, the German Upstream Emission Reduction Ordinance (UERO) places particularly high demands here, which is reflected in a corresponding price for certificates from such registered and verified projects.

Verico SCE is an accredited and registered validation and verification body under the UERO and as an accredited validation and verification body under ISO 14065 including specific reference to ISO 14064-2 (emission reduction projects) capable of providing validation of project planning documents (PDD) and, if necessary, verifications of the achieved emission reductions according to both the German UERO, as well as the regulations of most other EU member states. We see ourselves as the leading service provider with the largest number of references.

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